The Business of Generosity (Paperback)

$ 10.00

Generosity is big business in the 21st century. Walk down any retail aisle and see product labels boast of the social good your purchase will accomplish. Skim the list of university keynote speakers and see as many social entrepreneurs as politicians. Listen to non-profits talk and hear about financial sustainability. And just count the number of new companies whose central offering is attached to the concept of generosity. Everyone is looking for a multiple bottom line.

In The Business of Generosity, business owner and executive coach Stephen Graves brings clarity to this fast-growing field. He outlines different models of generosity in the market (How is Toms Shoes different from UPromise?) and asks tough questions (Are we simply sanctifying our consumerism? What good does giving money actually do?).

In the end, Graves paints a picture of what is right and what is possible in the world of generosity while reminding readers of the dangers of generosity pursued selfishly.